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  • What are the Hours of Operation?
    Grooming & Daycare: Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM. Lobby closed daily 10 AM - 12 PM. Boarding: Monday-Friday we have 3 pick up/drop off options: 8 AM - 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM - 5 PM. Saturdays & Sunday we have three select pick-up/drop-off slides of 8 AM, 1 PM & 6 PM. * Appointments are required.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    How to get the quickest response: Text: 660-628-2260, or utilize our Online Portal/App. 😊 Otherwise, please leave a voicemail with a name and call back number at the shop at 573-468-PETS (7387). Voicemails are responded to the next business day. On Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings, please feel free to message our system at 660-628-6620 or our Facebook page: Click Here, and we will be with you on the next shift. Operating hours: - Mon. - Fri., 8 AM-5 PM, closed daily for Lunch 10 AM-12 PM. - Sat. & Sun.: Boarding Only: 8 AM, 1 PM, 6 PM. Communications during downtime are answered on the next shift. Please feel free to reach however is most convenient for you! Don't forget if you'd like to schedule services; we have online portals for all customers and even an app compatible with iPhone & Android! Text: 660-628-2260 Owner Portal: App: Email: Facebook: Each section above is a clickable link.
  • Are there any reasons pets are ineligible for services?
    Pet's that will not be permitted: Dog's that can't be walked safely and easily on a leash. Females that are actively in heat or pregnant. If a pet is seriously injured. If a pet has certain pre-existing conditions, including but not limited to collapsed trachea, diabetic, or weakened immune system. If a pet has had recent surgery. If a pet is not up-to-date on Dogs: Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper) & Bordetella Vaccinations, Cats: Rabies & FVRCP. If a pet has not passed a Temperament Test at Medlin Pet Company. If a pet requires excessive amounts of medication, or will not take it easily. If a pet requires injections, including insulin shots. Any pet that behaves in a destructive or disruptive manner putting themselves, other pets or team members in danger, including previous bite/fight history. Boarding & Training Facilities that accept dog's with past Aggression: No Leash Needed (Multiple Locations) & The Dog House, High Ridge MO. Please reach out to us if you have any questions concerning whether we can accommodate your pet. We are happy to help.
  • Is it okay if my pet is not spayed/neutered?
    Yes. Unaltered pets welcome and can safely participate in Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming. Please see our section above for circumstances that a pet may be ineligible for services at Medlin Pet Company.
  • Do you accept all breeds?
    Yes. We love and accept all breeds.
  • What ages do you accept for Boarding, Grooming, and Daycare?"
    Grooming & Daycare: 8 weeks and older. Boarding: 6 months and older. We love and accept eligible senior pets, we do not have a maximum age.
  • What vaccinations do you require?
    All Vaccination paperwork showing proof of up-to-date Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella Vaccinations must show the Name of Pet, Breed of Pet, Vaccination Date Given, Future Due Date, Licensed DVM, and/or Veterinary Clinic. Unfortunately, we will no longer accept receipts from feed stores, etc. All pets must receive the vaccinations at least seven days before any scheduled appointment. This is to help ensure a reasonable amount of time has passed to establish protection. Please be aware any pets with medical exceptions authorized by a Licensed Veterinarian with the appropriate paperwork will be accepted and approved.
  • Are you State Licensed and Regulated?
    Yes! We are checked multiple times a year by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. We have been licensed since early 2017 (when we first opened).
  • Are staff members trained?
    All staff members are trained on reading and understanding dog and cat body language through the "Canine Behavior" Handbook and Fetch Find Software and continuously while working with the pets.
  • Do you do tours of the facility? What about Temperament Tests?
    Yes, and yes. We offer free pre-scheduled Tours & Temperament Tests. Where you can bring in your pet, see the facility, see how your pet may do in Daycare, different Boarding options, and meet our team! We do require Temperament Tests if your pet has never been to our facility prior to scheduling services. We also will allow you to walk back and get your pet settled upon request at drop off.
  • Do you have Security Systems, and Emergency and Naturals Disaster plans in place?"
    Yes. The Missouri Department of Agriculture regulates us under the Animal Care Facilities Act. We meet with the local Fire Marshal regularly, and they inspect our facility and plans throughout the year. We have plans in place for Fires, Tornadoes, and Earthquakes. We also have a Security system that detects smoke, motion, glass breaking, windows/doors opening, and Knox Box on-site for the Fire Department. Should the system signal, Police (2 minutes away) and Fire (4 minutes away) dispatch immediately to Medlin Pet Company. We also have Cameras on-site that record continuously, and the Owners of Medlin Pet Company have access to 24/7.
  • What happens if a pet becomes ill or injured?
    We will contact Owners for any and all kinds of minor scratch or change in behavior unless requested otherwise. If a pet is injured and needs medical treatment immediately, we will go to the closest Vet Hospital (3 minutes away). If it is a minor injury, we can take the pet to their local Veterinarian. We always will keep the owners up-to-date and call with any problems.
  • What if my dog does not walk on a leash?
    Dogs are required to walk on a leash during potty walks. We have a potty yard where we can safely let dogs off-leash for a limited time (always with a team member present), but we have to safely and easily walk them to and from their space.
  • Will I be updated on how my pet is doing?
    We offer FREE daily picture updates (by request) with any Boardings. Additionally, if your pet participates in Daycare, they will receive a Daycare Report Card via email each day. We also encourage all owners to reach out via phone, Facebook Messenger, Text Message, or whatever is easiest anytime you'd like an update. Please see our section on the best ways to contact us to ensure you get the quickest response
  • What do you require to Board? Recommended? Not Recommened?
    Please see our flyer here: Click here.
  • Can multiple pets stay together in one space?
    Dogs from the same household can stay in one space, for an additional fee. Likewise for cats. We do have limited spaces for multi-pet stays.
  • What options do you have for Boarding?
    We have any different options for Boarding, please see more information about them here: Click Here. Also, in our Boarding Section: Click Here.
  • Are there discounts for Daycare or Grooming during a Boarding stay?
    Yes! We offer discounted bathing and Daycare services when associated with a Boarding.
  • Can my pet Board if they need medication? Is there a fee for this?
    We can give medication up to three times a day. Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. There is NO fee associated with this. Medications must stay in its original, prescribed container. We have a lot of experience boarding pets that require pills, but our team must be able to safely and easily be able to administer your pet's medication. We can not board pet's that require injections.
  • What happens if a Female comes into heat while Boarding?
    We will isolate the pet immediately then reach out to the owners and emergency contacts to arrange to pick up ASAP.
  • What happens if my pet runs out of food while Boarding?
    We require the pet's to bring their food from home in a sealed container. We do have food available for purchase in the lobby.
  • How far in advance do I need to book my Boarding?
    We would recommend scheduling as soon as you are sure of the dates needed. During peak travel times, Holidays, Summer Months, etc. we sometimes book up months in advance. During slow periods 2-3 weeks in advance is typically sufficient. If you ever need to cancel please do so at least 7 days in advance per our deposit policy.
  • What is your deposit policy?
    Our Depost Policy is as follows: If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so at least 7 days prior to your arrival date. If you cancel within 7 days your deposits will be forfeited. All boarding spaces require a 50% deposit. Only after a 50% deposits are your boarding considered “reserved”.
  • Do you offer Weekend and Holiday Boarding Pick Ups & Drop Offs?
    Yes, three! We offer scheduled pickups and drop-offs at 8 AM, 1 PM, and 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. On all holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day, we offer one pick up/drop off time of 1 PM. Appointments are required.
  • Can I rent a Pet Cot while my dog is Boarding?
    Of course! See our Pet Cot Agreement:Click Here.
  • Can I bring food that needs to be refrigerated? Heated? Mixed? Etc.
    Absolutely! This is very common for us. We do charge a Food Prep. Fee if we are to cook or cut food. *We do not charge a fee for refrigerating food or mixing wet food with dry.
  • Will my pet have contact with other pets while Boarding?
    Dogs staying in one of our Boarding Accommodations will not have contact with other dogs unless scheduled for group Daycare. We take dogs on walks three times a day on a leash, but we do not allow dogs to smell one another, or come in contact during walks. Cats staying in a Condo will have no contact with other pets.
  • Can you separate my two dogs during feeding time?
    Yes. We do this frequently upon request. One dog will stay in its boarding space, while other guests move to an extra-large crate during feeding. After dinner, we remove all food bowls and return pets to their boarding space.
  • What is Dog Daycare?
    In short, our Daycare service is productive playtime. We offer group play, in which we separate dogs by size and temperament. It is an excellent way to get your puppy socialized and desensitized to new people, places, things, smells, and other dogs. We also offer fun enrichment services for dogs who do not enjoy group play. We have pool time, hurdles, endless toys, and much more. All Daycare Dogs are taken out multiple times throughout the day, giving breaks when needed.
  • How many play areas are at the facility?
    Three! We have two secure play areas inside and one outdoor fenced-in pet turf play yard.
  • What does my dog do when not out playing?
    Due to our separating by size and temperament, there is downtime for your dog to relax. During this, Daycare Dogs chill out with a full bowl of water in one of our Boarding Accommodations. Also, all dogs are walked three times a day while at Medlin Pet Company.
  • Is a staff member always present?
    Anytime a Dog is out in Daycare, a team member is present and giving them their full attention. The only time a team member is not in direct eyesight of a pet is during downtime in a secure Boarding Space.
  • How is a new dog introduced into Daycare?
    Two trained team members will first evaluate the new dog's body language to gauge how they feel. First, while one team member has the new dog on a secure leash on one side of our Daycare gate, the second team member will have a known Daycare dog with a suspected similar temperament and in the same size range on the opposite side of the gate, also leashed. Second, the two dogs are allowed to greet one another at the gate. If both dogs' body language shows comfort and wants to engage, we then let them meet face-to-face while still leashed. Third, if both dogs are still showing playful body language, we allow one dog off-leash with both team members present. Then, we let the second dog off-leash. Continuously we watch both dogs for any body language signaling to us that either dog is uncomfortable. Lastly, with every additional dog added to the new dog's group, we follow the same protocol. Group Play is not for all dogs. Some dogs prefer one playmate or choose to play with a human friend. We understand and acknowledge that all dogs have different preferences and personalities, much like some humans are extroverts, and others are introverts. Dogs who prefer human interaction can still have fun and be productive at Daycare! They just won't participate in group play. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on our Daycare Services.
  • How long will my pet's Salon & Spa appointment take?
    The length of an appointment depends on several factors. Coat Type Coat Condition Size of Pet Drop Off Time Service Chosen Behavior of Pet Our Professional Pet Groomer's hours are 8 AM-5 PM. The way our Salon & Spa typically works is pets drop off between 8 AM-9 AM; then, we bathe them in the order they arrive. Services will never take longer than a 5 PM pick up. Some bathing services: Laura's Spa Day Special, Shed-Less Treatments, Premium Baths do take longer to complete. As the later dropped off pets are bathed, the earlier pets are drying. After each pet dries, our groomer completes their selected service one by one. As soon as a pet's spa day is complete, we will reach out by text message to let you know, or phone call by request. Factors that may make a Pet's Grooming Service take longer: Heavy Coated Pets Matted Coats Late Drop Off Large Breeds Wiggly Pets
  • Who will be Grooming my pet?
    Our Full-Time Professional Pet Groomer, Laura Killeen. She has been a Professional Pet Groomer for over five years and graduated with honors from Animal Behavior College. Laura has been pampering dogs and cats at Medlin Pet Company since one month after our grand opening. We are lucky to have her! Secondly, our Owner, Taylor Medlin, who graduated from the Academy of Pet Careers for Dog Training, Pet Grooming, and Pet Behavior, is the only other team member who does any hair styling. Additionally, our Daycare & Boarding manager, Abigail Wright, is trained in completing Shed-Less Treatments, Premium Baths, Bath, and nail trims. All team members of Medlin Pet Company are trained in the proper bathing protocol.
  • What is the latest my pet can stay after their appointment is finished?
    5:00 PM.
  • Will the Shed-Less Treatment make my dog stop shedding completely?
    No it will not stop them from shedding 100%. Our very popular treatment will remove any dead or damaged hair and blow out as much of the undercoat as possible, which significantly reduces the amount of hair in your home and on your dog. Typically it cuts the shedding down by 60%. Keeping your pet on a regular treatment schedule will help maintain your pet's coat.
  • How far do you book out for Grooming Services?
    Business varies throughout the year. During peak travel times: 3-4 months in advance. During slower travel times: 4-6 weeks in advance. We strongly encourage keeping your pet on a schedule and scheduling your next appointment in advance.
  • Will my dog be taken out to go potty while getting Groomed?
    Yes. Our grooming, daycare and boarding dogs are all walked at the same times throughout the day.
  • Will you De-Mat pets?
    No. De-matting is an excruciating process for pets. Simply put, we will not put a pet through anything so painful and uncomfortable. We love all pets and care about their well-being above all else. If a pet comes in with mats close to the skin, we are happy to shave the areas and get them on a set schedule to maintain their coat for future services. We are happy to help with any questions on properly maintaining coats with proper tools in between grooming appointments. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any grooming questions.
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