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Update 2024: Due to booking out 14+ weeks we are not currently scheduling new grooming clients. Thank you for your understanding. 

Add On's

Dog Premium Bath

Dog Hair Cut & Style

Basic bath with add on's:

  • Clean Teeth.

  • Clean and trim paw pads.

  • Round feet and tidy up legs.

  • Clip or Grind Nails.

We post our Spa & Salon Dogs everyday!

* Premium Bath with add on's: 

  • -Clean and trim paw pads.

  • Round feet.

  • Clip or Grind Nails.

  • -Full body trim.

  • -Face trim.

Dog Shed-Less Treatment


  • Gentle Cleanser to remove dirt and dander.

  • Shed-Less Solution Shampoo releases the dead hair.

  • High Velocity Blow out this blows out the under coat.

  • Shed-Less Solution Conditioner.

  • High Velocity Blow out.

  • Round Feet and tidy the legs.

  • Clip or Grind Nails.

  • Clean Ears.

  • Clean Teeth.

  • Multiple tools used to remove as much hair as possible.

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